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Live Well Course + a comprehensive blood work analysis 

so that you can take empowered action to feel 


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This bundle includes: 


1. A comprehensive blood analysis including markers for: 

  • Metabolism
  • Thyroid function
  • Inflammation
  • Key nutrients
  • Immune health¬†


 2. A private lab review session with supplement, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to help you optimize areas in need. 


3. Lifetime access to the Live Well Course: a 10-module, self-paced program with video lessons, PDF workbooks, and the root-cause clarity and coaching. The modules in this course include: 

  • Getting Started Right
  • Gut + Hormone Nutrition
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Circadian Rhythm Support
  • The Gut microbiome¬†
  • Mindset Makeover
  • Nervous System Reboot
  • Deeper Detox
  • Moving With Your Life
  • Maintain & Sustain¬†

Plus bonuses:

  • Healthy on a Budget
  • Immune System Support
  • Nervous System Hacks
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This bundle will support you in achieving indicators of peak holistic health such as:

Steady energy

Comfortable Digestion

Uplifted Moods

Speedy Metabolism

Easier Periods

Reduced Inflammation

This is for the empowered woman who:


  • Knows optimal health is a priority
  • Wants a roadmap to help her gut and hormones thrive
  • Desires more clarity on how to fuel her body optimally
  • Is self-led, but could use some initial direction and support¬†
  • Prefers to go at her own pace based on her goals and lifestyle
  • Values being proactive and preventative when it comes to wellness


Detailed Labs. 

Private Lab Reviews. 

Tailored Protocols. 

Streamlined Results.


"It's such a good feeling to eat and feel full, but not feel uncomfortable and miserable.

I feel a huge improvement in my mood, and my clothes feel like they fit better. I've lost a few pounds (even though that wasn't a goal) and I feel like I eat more than I ever have.

It's almost like I just got rid of the extra gross stuff I've been carrying around for years. "



Ashley L.

About Layne

For me, being a Functional Health Practitioner isn't about just using supplements instead of prescriptions; it's about helping women better understand their bodies, empowering others in reaching their goals by addressing common issues at the root, and making an impact on the world.


That's why I'm sharing the strategies I've developed in order to resolve the root-causes of gut and hormone imbalances with as many people as possible with my LIVE WELL COURSE that is included in this bundle, along with the potent bonus of a comprehensive lab analysis and private review session with me.


After working in healthcare for 14+ years and seeing so many women failed by the system, I knew there had to be a better way to help you achieve the results and support you really want.


I've battle tested these strategies over time with my private health clients by addressing uncomfortable digestion, food intolerances, mood swings, painful or irregular periods, sluggish metabolism, exhaustion, and more at the roots -- with the ultimate goal of achieving more ease, balance, and confidence in their bodies. 


Now, it's your turn. 


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“Working with Layne has been life changing! With so much information online and on social media today, I knew it was time to invest in a guide to eliminate the guesswork. Gut issues started resolving or completely disappeared within a short window, and I’m on my way to feeling steady energy for the first time. Her empathy, peace, and encouragement make her a bright light and joy to work with."



Sarah P. 

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