A self-paced course for the driven, empowered woman who wants to become more health-conscious and upgrade their gut health + hormones *naturally*.

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Gain the necessary understanding + have the resources you need to achieve optimal wellness today.

 What You Get When You Join Us Inside the LIVE WELL COURSE. 
  • 10 modules with video lessons
  • A 75+ page workbook¬†
  • Lifetime access to all content, including updates
  • Root-cause clarity
  • Education, inspiration, and empowerment to take aligned action and understand your body more deeply
  • Clear steps to optimal gut health and hormone balance
The modules in this course include: 
  • Getting Started Right
  • Gut + Hormone Nutrition
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Circadian Rhythm Support
  • The Gut microbiome¬†
  • Mindset Makeover
  • Nervous System Reboot
  • Deeper Detox
  • Moving With Your Life
  • Maintain & Sustain¬†

Plus bonuses:

  • Healthy on a Budget
  • Immune System Support
  • Nervous System Hacks
  • Printable Wellness Workbook
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will support you in achieving indicators of peak holistic health such as:

Steady energy

Comfortable Digestion

Uplifted Moods

Speedy Metabolism

Easier Periods

Reduced Inflammation

This is for the empowered woman who:
  • Knows optimal health is a priority
  • Is self-led, but wants¬†deeper¬†education and strategy
  • Desires more clarity on how to fuel her body optimally
  • Seeks to support her gut health, hormones, mood, and energy¬†in a holistic way
  • Is willing to do what it takes, if only she had a guide
  • Values being proactive and preventative when it comes to wellness



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Client successes in a matter of weeks (this could be you, too!)

"It's such a good feeling to eat and feel full, but not feel uncomfortable and miserable.

I feel a huge improvement in my mood, and my clothes feel like they fit better. I've lost a few pounds (even though that wasn't a goal) and I feel like I eat more than I ever have.

It's almost like I just got rid of the extra gross stuff I've been carrying around for years. "

 Ashley L.

About Layne

For me, being a Functional Health Practitioner isn't about just using supplements instead of prescriptions; it's about helping women better understand their bodies, empowering others in reaching their goals by addressing common issues at the root, and making an impact on the world.


That's why I'm sharing the strategies I've developed in order to resolve the root-causes of gut and hormone imbalances with as many people as possible with my signature LIVE WELL COURSE. 


After working in healthcare for 14+ years and seeing so many women failed by the system, I knew there had to be a better way to help you achieve the results and support you really want.


I've battle tested these strategies over time with my private health clients by addressing uncomfortable digestion, food intolerances, mood swings, painful or irregular periods, sluggish metabolism, exhaustion, and more at the roots -- with the ultimate goal of achieving more ease, balance, and confidence in their bodies. 


Now, it's your turn. 


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So If You're Ready To Transform Your Wellness And Feel Supported + Empowered In The Journey...


You're Invited To Join Us Inside 


Details of Each Module:

Access from any device from home OR on the go!


Set Up For Success

  • Navigate the Course with confidence & ease

  • Starting Supplement Bundle & Rapid Relief Protocol

  • Getting your head in the game to maximum results

Inflammation Vacation

  • Gain clarity¬†on the major root-causes of gut and hormone dysfunction

  • Drive down inflammation using proven nutrition and lifestyle strategies

  • Learn how to structure your plate to support digestion, moods, & energy

Fuel Your Body 

  • Best practices for¬†hormone balance via blood sugar optimization

  • Maximize your efforts while using food as medicine

  • Support energy production on a cellular level and kickstart detoxification

Getting into A [Circadian] Rhythm

  • Optimize daily energy by supporting your natural¬†internal clock
  • Maximize sleep quality and restfulness

  • Simple hacks to regulate¬†your stress hormones via routines

Boost Your Gut Microbiome

  • Implement strategies to feed your good bacteria

  • Little-known hacks to avoid an imbalanced gut microbiome¬†
  • Gain clarity on food triggers and what helps your body to thrive

Mindset Makeover

  • Tap into your innate healing power to transform your wellness journey

  • Learn how your new habits will soon become second-nature
  • Uncover critical missing vitamins that you must be supplementing consistently for optimal wellness

From Nervous to Nourished

  • Learn what your nervous system is and how it dictates your daily life experience

  • ¬†Support your adrenals for optimal gut function and hormone balance

  • Build stress resilience and learn how to shift out of survival mode

A Deeper Detox

  • Bring awareness to common culprits of a higher toxic load

  • Understand the impact of toxins on your gut health and hormone balance

  • Navigate a low-tox lifestyle without the overwhelm¬†

Moving With Your Life 

  • The power of movement in the form of free medicine

  • How to support your gut & hormones via exercise
  • Align your workout regimen with the phases of your menstrual cycle for more balanced periods

Maintain & Sustain Resiliency

  • Cultivate¬†confidence in your body‚Äôs brilliance + resilience

  • Refine your routines and advance¬†to your next level

  • Reflect and celebrate the incredible transformation you have accomplished


You'll Get These 4 Bonuses To Help You Have Unstoppable Momentum & Make Sure To Get On The Right Track ASAP



(A $500+ Value)

Maximize your dollar with some budget-friendly wellness tips, plus a discount on practitioner-grade supplements you can trust. 



(A $200 Value)

Have tools at your fingertips to support your natural immune system with a "functional medicine cabinet" guide.



(A $200 Value)

In this bonus video lesson you will learn some brilliant hacks to tend to your nervous system for increased stress resilience whenever you may need them. 



(A $500 Value)

Each module will include the necessary resources to assist you in your journey... especially helpful for those who thrive with step-by-step support or loves to have a place to take notes. By the end of the Course you will have acquired a comprehensive, 75+ page workbook with the actions and tools that will support you deeply. Print this out or save it to your device, your choice!

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“Working with Layne has been life changing! With so much information online and on social media today, I knew it was time to invest in a guide to eliminate the guesswork. Gut issues started resolving or completely disappeared within a short window, and I’m on my way to feeling steady energy for the first time. Her empathy, peace, and encouragement make her a bright light and joy to work with."

 Sarah P. 

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