Layne has had the honor of being interviewed on multiple recent podcasts. Check them out below to learn some of her top tips for elevating your health today. 


Layne has had the honor of being interviewed on multiple recent podcasts. Check them out below to learn some of her top tips for elevating your health today. 

Balancing Your Adrenals, Hormones and Cortisol by Getting to the Root Cause.

We are all meant to feel well, and we deserve more when it comes to our health and wellness. When we get to the root causes of the imbalances in your body, we then understand what tools will help your body heal and restore resiliency.

Hear about some of the top reasons that clients seek support from Layne's Functional Medicine services, why issues with hormones and adrenals are so common, and myths surrounding hormone health. 

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Gut Health is at the Center of Wellness.

In this Tiff Talks episode, Tiffany brings on nurse practitioner Layne VanLieshout who specializes in gut health and functional medicine.

These two powerhouses of knowledge speak about how gut health is vital for overall mental, physical and emotional health and how stress is a contributing factor to a wide range of illnesses.

In this episode - you will gain tips on food, gut health, mental health, and how to manage it all through your overall gut health, simple routines & how nutrition is the # 1 healing tip.

If you are feeling tired, rundown, bloated, experiencing hormonal imbalances, stressed, and just not feeling good then please tune in to find out how to address your overall health once and for all!

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Let's Get to the Root Cause with Functional Medicine Strategies.

We discuss Layne's wish for all women and how her Functional Medicine Approach is different.

You will also get her top tips to improve mood and stress, how to hack your routine to be more productive, and top things to start avoiding when trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Why Blood Sugar Balance is Crucial in any Healing Journey.

It has a huge impact on our energy levels, mental clarity, stress and overall hormone balance. 

Layne and Dr. Tony discuss the signs of blood sugar imbalance, why the term "hangry" is a real thing, how to interpret your labs, and the implications of having dysregulated blood sugar.

You also don't want to miss Layne's favorite tips to hack your blood sugar -- these are simple, everyday things that go a long way. 

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The Food You Eat Influences the Way You Think.

Let's talk about brain health! Layne joins Robyn Graham, mental health advocate and business mindset coach to discuss all things brain health. 

In this episodes they cover what foods commonly cause symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other neurological symptoms -- which when removed, can provide rapid relief -- plus how caffeine and alcohol affect our mental health (and WHY). 

You will also learn how stress and gut health ties into everything, as well as tips for stress resiliency and where to start if you're just beginning your journey of healing. 

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