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  • That I don't believe in band-aid approaches when it comes to root-cause solutions
  • Your symptoms are valid, and there are reasons that you're experiencing them¬†
  • You¬†are capable of healing your body when provided the right tools and strategies


  • That in a¬†matter of weeks¬†you will have a clear understanding of WHY you feel the way you do
  • The necessary tools and aligned actions that will help you reach your goals
  • How to support your gut health and hormones so you can feel your absolute best


Change the trajectory of your health

in the BEST way... Now

Choose Your Journey:

The Total Gut & Hormone Reboot


The ultimate, all-inclusive program with multiple lab panels (such as blood work, gut health, and hormones) and total customization to address patterns found on your testing. You will receive weekly check-ins via Zoom and/or private messaging with Layne and our Integrative Nutritionist. This is the highest level of support and is best suited for those who want the VIP experience and transformation. Bonus: you also get access to the Live Well Course content. 

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The Live Well


A self-paced course for the driven, empowered woman wanting to feel ease and balance in her body again. This course will walk you through the need-to-knows about your root-causes and how to successfully support gut health and hormones naturally, at your own, perfect pace. This signature course includes 10 potent modules with video lessons, a 75+ page workbook,  a discount on practitioner grade supplements, and all the resources and tools at your fingertips. 

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Get The Gut Guide Everybody Is Talking About

Put an end to bloating, food confusion, and unpredictable gut symptoms with the GUT RESCUE GUIDE. 

Access this guide to uncover my top tips to start incorporating today for more optimal digestion so you can have more confidence in your body on a daily basis.
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Interested In Working Together?



This is for you if you are looking for detailed lab insight and customized recommendations and coaching based on your needs and goals. You'll receive: 

  • VALIDATION that it's not all in your head and there are reasons behind your struggles
  • STRATEGY,¬†support, and resources to help you implement a personalized plan with¬†ease
  • EMPOWERMENT and inspiration to better understand your body and to achieve and maintain wellness long-term


To decide if working together 1:1 is right for you, you're invited to book a 30-minute consult to chat through your situation and see if we're a good fit.  

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A Glimpse Into My 1:1 Mentorship Program

Comprehensive Labs

Gain insight to the imbalances in your body that are contributing to gut dysfunction, period abnormalities, sluggish metabolism, fatigue, mood swings, & more.

Personalized Protocols

Receive a custom wellness protocol involving targeted supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle tweaks to help alleviate your symptoms at the roots. 

Concierge Support

In our Total Gut & Hormone Reboot Program, you will have high-level, step-by-step support and guidance throughout your journey to help you achieve your ultimate wellness goals. 

Mood + Energy

Dealing with excess stress, burnout, mental fog, un-motivation, afternoon slump, racing thoughts, or irritability?

Let's support your nervous system and mental wellness so that you can feel more energized, focused, and mentally clear.

Hormone Balance

Frustrating menstrual cycles, sluggish metabolism, and feeling exhausted are all-too-common.

We will evaluate various hormone fluctuations and implement strategies to restore balance naturally.

Gut + Digestion

Bloating, bowel irregularities, and multiple food intolerances do not have to be tolerated. 

Getting to the root of gut dysfunction can make a significant impact not only on digestion, but total-body health as well.

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"Knowledge is power and what I have discovered through labs has been life changing! It’s changed my mindset and made it easier for me to make changes knowing what to focus on. I’ve appreciated Layne's encouragement to help me reach my goals."

Sarah P.

"I feel like an entirely new person. I have the energy to finish my work day AND go hang out with my family. I am so much less irritable and have joy again. Even my depression and anxiety has improved. My bloating and heartburn is virtually gone, I was also able to go off birth control and am having easier periods than I ever have before. For the first time in a VERY long time, I feel connected to my body."

Kendra M. 

Get my Gut Rescue Guide

Put an end to bloating, food confusion, and unpredictable gut symptoms with the GUT RESCUE GUIDE. Access this free guide to uncover my top tips to start incorporating today for more optimal digestion so you can have more confidence in your body on a daily basis.

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Ready to start strategizing for your wellness success story?

Book a 30-minute phone consultation with Layne to talk through your top goals and understand the next best steps in reaching your wellness goals, if it's a good fit.

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